Brand identity

Brand identity

     We perceive more than 80% of the information around us visually. This scientific fact has long been used by all marketers. Look around you and estimate how much passive advertising you receive sometimes without even realizing it? Outdoor advertising, product packaging, all variations of print media, television and radio advertising, and the entire gamut of online advertising complete the list. Competing in such an informational variety is frankly difficult. The only strategic assistant is an identity or in simple terms — corporate/corporate identity.


     Creating a corporate identity is not just a set of colours and fonts, and, the overall idea of the company embodied in the wrapper, which should notice the consumer end, like and choose in the future.

     Everything depends first and foremost on the priorities and goals you set for your business. Company philosophy, internal principles of teamwork, the level of corporate spirit and values that you cultivate within the walls of your organization, readiness for experiments, the product itself and its features dictate many limitations. Quality packaging will not save a blatantly bad product, but only allow you to make a one-time sale. But a quality product and service is different in that by absorbing all the best and most valuable, it successfully competes with other products and services, and a well-designed packaging will strengthen the emotional connection of customers with your brand. You have to understand that this is a long process that requires thousands of hours of analysis and many months of meticulous work by many specialists. As a result, you get a single product that is easily perceived and unequivocally stands out among other products in your market segment.


     Putting marketing terms aside and calling things by their proper names, brand identity is a marker that helps distinguish one’s own from another’s.

     Brands, like people, need to be different. That’s our beauty and uniqueness. Try to convey the beauty of your brand, and we’ll help you do it!