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Website development in Django + Python.

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At least 1 year warranty.
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site development.

The engine (CMS) -
is a limitation, we offer solutions without boundaries.

Unique design
and elements.

Direct communication
with specialists
without intermediaries and

at a level that
others can only dream of.

Open source code,
no paid licenses.
The site is entirely yours.

High speed and stability of the project with a large number of visitors.

not an assembly line.

Data Science

Data Science

The implementation of artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities to realise multi-format tasks based on the specifics of your business. For example, Data Science can automate the process of collecting data on the prices of your dealers or competitors, and analysing losses from dumping. Remember, today, working with huge amounts of data does not require a huge staff and exorbitant time expenditure of your specialists, all tasks can be solved by using the capabilities of Data Science.



We implement Django/Python website revision tasks. Quickly dive into your Django/Python project, refine and update according to the task at hand.

Y.E.S. CRM-система для производственных компаний

Y.E.S. CRM system for manufacturing companies

Designed to automate business processes in order to increase the efficiency of sales managers in manufacturing companies in the business-to-business segment.

Our speciality

Ten reasons why you should order website creation only from us and work only with us.

There are many companies and freelancers who develop websites. What are our advantages over them?

I. We develop websites on modern Django/Python programming language, which allows us to perform any tasks set by our customer. Open source code and possibilities to improve it are not limited.

II. Today search algorithms give priority to unique self-written projects, and IT industry trends show the priority of modern solutions over template works. On the basis of our own expertise we can say with certainty that the site implemented on Django/Python has much higher indexes of site visibility, and consequently more traffic in comparison with the data on the site before the transition reparation.

III. An engine or CMS is something that locks you into a certain framework and prevents you from developing and scaling your site at the same time as business expectations and market preferences grow. All CMSs have limitations in terms of customisation. And most of them are implemented on closed source code. With this approach, you own the site nominally. This is particularly true of paid engines, which are widely advertised and offered using aggressive marketing and your ignorance of the issue. These solutions are outmoded and promoted solely on the slogan - "Other big companies are already using it!" Now all major corporations and projects are being implemented for individual business objectives and generic solutions are being left for lagging competitors.

IV. Django/Python has all the modern security features that simple CMS can only dream of.

V. Working with a specialist without intermediaries. Working with us you will communicate directly with the contractor. To work effectively our project does not need a secretary and sales manager. The project is created by specialists (programmers, frontend & backend developers, seo experts and analysts, designers, etc.), who are fully immersed in your project and are personally responsible for the result. You will not overpay for a nice office, secretary and call-center team that you have to pay just to attract you as a client.

VI. We create one-off solutions, not conveyorized. Our specialists are ready to realize your ideas and wishes within the project.

VII. Work on a turnkey basis. Our specialists at all stages of work offer and implement the most effective solutions. You need only minimum initial data for the beginning of work and the subsequent coordination of the proposed solutions.

VIII. With Django/Python we can help you implement a simple content management system. Any of your staff can administer the project without any special knowledge. Training of your staff is practically not required, all navigation and work process is intuitive and easy.

IX. Full control over all phases of the site allows us to provide warranty of 2 years for no financial cost to the customer. During the warranty period our team is ready to help you with training, administration and promotion of the site.

X. We build cooperation on mutual respect and benefit. Our team does not create projects to siphon money from the client, and solves specific tasks according to the specifics of the customer's business.