Alt and Title image attributes

Alt and Title image attributes

     New content has been created and placed on the site, but what should you do to make your images better indexed, appear in search engine results and create additional traffic for the site?


     Websites are created using html code, which consists of various tags. The <img> tag is responsible for displaying images, which can be complemented by a number of attributes. For SEO, these attributes are Alt and Title.


     The Alt attribute sets an alternative text for images. When the site is running correctly and displayed correctly, the information placed in the Alt attribute is not visible to ordinary users, but are perfectly recognized by search robots. The text is displayed in place of the missing picture and describes its content. The Alt attribute helps to know what was in the image when the user site can not see it. Remember that search robots index the Alt attribute text and it affects the results of images in Yandex and Google Images.


          Basic rules for writing the Alt attribute for images:


  • The content of the Alt attribute in meaning should coincide with what is displayed on the picture and logically complement the text part of the article.
  • Do not write long and complex texts, try to convey the essence of a brief and concise, a maximum of 3-4 words.
  • Try to use keywords, but intelligently. No need to place multiple keywords in a comma. Search algorithms have long learned to recognize such machinations and completely exclude such images or entire pages from search results.
  • Do not use spam.


          The Title attribute for the tag allows you to display text cues when you hover your mouse over the image. The Title attribute for images is not the most important attribute in terms of SEO because search engine crawlers do not index it, but we must remember about usability and behavioral factors. Browse through interesting pages with colorful images, which are supported by tooltips, much more convenient than simply surfing the web.


          Title rules for images:

  • Content corresponds to the picture.
  • Short and succinct text. A long Text part of a few lines just might scare away or confuse.
  • Don’t use spam.


     Alt and Title attributes are similar, but remember that the title, is addressed to visitors to the site, and the attribute is fixed search engine algorithms and is important for promotion. It is advisable to prepare unique texts for each attribute and not to duplicate them.


     Pleasant little things and bonuses are sure to appreciate the visitors to your site. Develop your sites and compete successfully!