Promotion of Youtube Channel

Promotion of Youtube Channel

     YouTube is a popular video hosting with a worldwide reach of over 2 billion visitors per month. At the same time, the network is actively developing and growing every year. The resource supports more than 80 languages. More than 1 billion hours of content is viewed every day. In a nutshell: YouTube is mega popular among social media.

     The paradigm is the necessity of presence on this resource and promotion of the materials using all possible tools. The question is how to do it effectively, regardless of the size of the budget?

     First of all, you need to decide on the format of your channel: a corporate page of the company or personal without reference to the brand.

     Much of the first point will affect what you can publish and how you can do it. Responsibility for brand value and credibility won't allow you to mindlessly viralize or hype. At the same time, if you're a simple blogger and you don't care as much about your target audience as you do about maximizing your reach and viewer growth, videos on the brink of a foul are your topic. The main thing is not to forget about social responsibility and not to turn the Internet into a dump.

     Your own channel requires no less effort and time than a corporate one, but unlike simple users, mistakes and missteps are unforgivable for business.

     Create each video with a specific purpose and a decent level. It is useless to promote unsuccessful (in terms of business) content, and most importantly it is dangerous. Low-grade material under any sauce won't support and grow your brand. Find a good contractor and make better a few quality videos than a dozen second-rate ones.

So you have content. The following rules should be adhered to when publishing:


  • Video should be added at a certain time (based on the characteristics of your audience) (for example, Monday at 10 am).
  • The channel must live and be updated, one roller in the asset will not save the situation and watch it about you and your channel will forget. Need to fill the channel and not let it idle. Objectively, there is no advice on how often you should publish new videos. The ideal is actually daily, but you are not a film studio, you have a business and a product/service that you need to talk about. Here it's a question of production and product specifics and of course financial capabilities. The more often you post new stuff on your YouTube page, the more interesting it will be to come back to your channel again and again.
  • Variety of content. One and the same thing from different angles quickly gets bored. Try to show your product/service using different video formats: corporate film, review, video, report from the famous event, company anniversary or banal corporate rest. Unleash the beauty and power of your company, product and the people who create it.
  • Organize your videos into playlists. This approach makes it easier to navigate and present information logically.
  • Highlight playlists stylistically. Use a unique design for each video section.
  • Actively engage with your audience. Someone wrote you a comment - respond. Work with questions and objections, respond with appreciation for praise, and don't forget the difficult interaction with trolls and others who want to mess with your reputation and life. A clear, balanced stance and precise arguments will calm any provocateur.
  • Pay special attention to search engine optimization. Use keywords in the title of the video that are most relevant to your video, don't forget about tags. Help search algorithm notice your video and display it in search results.
  • Work with your audience while watching your content (add links to other videos from your channel, use end caps).
  • Monitor the behavioral results and adjust the work on the previous points, i.e. do not ignore the data of analytics. Optimize all posted content.
  • Use paid promotion, which allows you to hit the target audience and bring the meaning of every second of your video to all its viewers.

     Working with your own channel on Youtube will expose you to a large and appreciative audience, which, if done right, will become your customers and love your nonsense and product or service.

     You don't always have to do everything yourself. You are strong and effective in your field, and the optimization and promotion work can be entrusted to experts who know how to perfectly optimize and promote content on the Youtube platform.