Traffic Sources or Channels in Google Analytics 2022

Traffic Sources or Channels in Google Analytics 2022

     Google Analytics is a free service from Google that allows you to get detailed statistics on website visitors.


 There are the following traffic sources/channels in Google Analytics:

  • Direct — direct visits to the site (i.e. visitors know the domain name of the site and have typed it in their browser address bar);
  • Organic Search — Organic search (short for organic) or traffic from search engines (i.e. visitors found you by specific queries, but not advertising);
  • Social — traffic from social networks;
  • Email — traffic generated by an email newsletter;
  • Affiliates — visitors generated by partner sites;
  • Referral — traffic from third-party sites;
  • Paid Search — paid traffic according to CPC model — price per click;
  • Display — paid traffic from media or banner advertising;
  • Other Advertising — other kinds of advertising that were not recognized by the system.


     You can additionally create your own traffic channels and edit your existing ones.


     The Depthsseo team does not recommend adjusting the typical traffic channels, the wrong settings will distort the metrics data. In our article, we have provided a complete list of sources of visits to your website, if you do not use paid promotion or e-mail newsletters naturally the data will not appear in statistical reports on your web resource.


     Try to use a variety of Internet marketing tools to attract audience from different sources, and data from Google Analitics will help to evaluate the effectiveness and achieve maximum efficiency of work.