SEO or Context? Making the right choice.

SEO or Context? Making the right choice.

     Let’s discuss a fairly heated debate about the relevance and feasibility of SEO and context. We’ll highlight the advantages and disadvantages of each direction. You can make your own choice after reading the article.


     Today, the Internet offers a convenient and fast search for information. Time is the main asset, which is always in short supply. We all try to use our free time effectively and we don’t want to waste it on useless things. That’s why each of us unconsciously makes high demands to Internet resources: usefulness, reliability of information, usability, etc.


     The key is the ease of getting to the site. The higher the site in search results, the more likely it is to visit. Yes, we are lazy and the second page in a search is a failure and the actual bottom of which lives not many visitors.


     The first way to get to the top is to use Searchin Engin Optimization. This method involves a full set of tools SEO, which will gradually raise the site higher in the results of search engines. Yes SEO requires certain time and human resources and involves a lot of work not only seoshnika, but also a programmer, a marketer, the representative of the customer, perhaps even a layout designer, copywriter and other qualified personnel. All this sounds difficult and complex, but in reality brings a result that will work in the medium and long term. Paying once for a set of works on SEO you get the result and use it for years. Of course SEO is not a one-time thing and over time, the optimized site requires edits and refinements, but they are usually minor and easy to perform. In this case, you are already aware of past mistakes and errors and do not repeat them in the future.


A brief summary of SEO:

  • you need time to do the work and get the result;
  • the amount of SEO costs you see already at the stage of analysis and the provision of a program of work;
  • the results of the optimization of the site you use for a long time.


     The second way to get to the top of search results guaranteed — contextual advertising. Pay per Click or context — an advertising model that involves paying per click / click on an ad. Everything is simple — an ad is created for a particular query or set of queries. This ad is displayed on the first page of search results when entering the appropriate query. This type of ads is different from organic extradition additional marking sign advertising (which few people pay attention). To effectively configure the contextual advertising to know exactly its CA (target audience), to form STP (unique selling proposition), correctly determine the geography of coverage, time of his display, etc., that is, to understand the targeting. Contextual advertising with proper configuration and availability of all necessary data can be started and work in one day. Everything sounds simple and tempting, now the fly in the ointment — context works only until you pay for conversions. As soon as the campaign budget is zero, all the traffic that context has generated before is gone. The price per click for each ad is individual and depends on the competition in the industry, region of display, time of display, etc.


Briefly about PPC:

  • quick launch;
  • guaranteed hit on the first page of results;
  • Generation of traffic to the right page of your site;
  • works as long as you pay.


     What to choose? There is no universal solution and no single answer. Context and SEO are most effective when working in tandem, and their synergy gives the best results. If you are limited in funds and you have a fast-playing theme — use context. If you’re focused on the long term, you have a broad product portfolio and you want to be easy to find on the Internet — SEO is for you.

     Remember that the key to effective work and maximum return from SEO and context is the use of these methods by professionals. Amateurism in the case of context will lead to draining the budget of the advertising campaign and the lack of results in the form of orders from customers.

     An unfortunate set of actions in the field of SEO can significantly worsen the position of the site up to getting under search filters and disappear from search.


      Cooperate with specialists, get the maximum effect from your investments and promote your business.