Internet promotion or austerity in the crisis?

Internet promotion or austerity in the crisis?

     Rather annoying, but not passing state of another crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. In the current situation what to do? Go to ground and wait for the situation to stabilize and the restoration of normal life, or to spend their last hard-earned money on the marketing budget?

     All those involved in marketing, especially in the provision of services in this area, even remotely press and advise to invest in advertising. At the same time the business environment represented by the owners of the companies are not so optimistic and solve the current issues of keeping the projects in working order and minimize the current losses by all available means. Each side is right in the fundamental nature of their goals, but it is worth separating the sincere desire to get another order from the agency and invest with increased risk in advertising.

     Exceptional inaction will not bring results. The classic thesis — the crisis is time for new discoveries has not exhausted itself, and with each new round of crisis phenomena confirms its effectiveness. It is necessary to separate current opportunities from fictional benefits and use what is good for business, not empty promises.

     Today’s set of types of advertising is replete with an abundance of proposals, both in terms of types of advertising, and its formats. Most types of advertising for a long time do not show outstanding results even during the growth of the market, not to mention the stagnant state.


Let’s proceed from strict logic and modern life:

  • Self-isolation;
  • restriction of movement;
  • limited contact by time and distance;
  • general fear for their health and lack of confidence in the future.


     Based on the above conditions — the house / apartment is the safest place for an absolute number of people.


     Now let us filter the channels of communication, which allow contact with potential consumers not going out of their fortress.


We can distinguish the following areas:

  • Handouts (brochures, newspapers, flyers). Delivery is difficult, everyone tries to avoid unnecessary contact with any surface outside his territory.
  • Television. A worn-out advertising tool with a high price and a difficult assessment of the reach and involvement of the audience. On Channel One, a minute is worth an unreasonable amount, and only pharmaceutical companies feel comfortable with the current mood of television viewers. The only way to sink the budget into TV advertising is to pad the ego of the management.
  • Radio. Theoretically this type of media is available to everyone, but how often do you listen to radio at home?
  • Internet. Virtually everyone has access to the Internet from home. Various gadgets are used: smartphone, tablet, laptop (laptop), computer and even television. Advertising on the Internet in today’s situation is the most relevant in all its diversity.


Internet advertising formats:

  • Social media (Social networks are ideal platforms for communicating with the target audience in an informal and understandable language for this audience);
  • Contextual advertising (A type of text ads, displayed on the relevant query, as well as on the thematic sites belonging to the advertising network);
  • Banner and media (Image visual materials advantageously presenting your products / services and directing consumers to your site);
  • SEO or searching engine optimization (Even sitting at home we continue to solve our problems and are constantly looking for different information. For businesses, SEO is a resource for increasing organic traffic in the form of potential consumers on the corporate website).


     The combination of Internet advertising methods is an opportunity to effectively find your target audience and to communicate with them competently. In this case, the transparency of advertising companies, detailed reporting and accurate targeting of its consumers distinguish online promotion from other types of advertising.

     Stay ahead of your competitors while they are napping or waiting for better times. Successful development of your business!