404 page

404 page

     Ideally, pages with errors on the site should not be. But there may be situations when some pages are not available. In this case and we will rescue 404 page.


     What is the benefit of 404 pages?


     The answer is very simple — to keep visitors to the resource, and therefore reduce the percentage of failures. Consider an example for clarity: You had a page on the site, with a product or service. Over time, you have ceased to provide this service or refused to sell the product. Your customers have already managed to save the page in their bookmarks, someone wrote a review and share it in social networks, others found a hyperlink in the old price list and so on. All these traces lead to your site.


     As a result of clicking on such links the user will see a message in the browser window stating that the requested page was not found. With 100% probability he will close the tab and leave your site.


     A 404 page allows you to redirect traffic from inaccessible pages to the main page or the product catalog. With this arrangement, visitors don’t leave your site. They are very likely to continue to surf on your web resource and be able to find a similar service or similar products.


     Visual design 404 page allows you to neutralize the possible negative and beat the situation with a smile on his face. Example of 404 page for depthsseo.com