How to create content?

How to create content?

     It is not possible to create an interesting site relying only on dry code. We are used to perceiving information visually. An interesting headline intrigues, but it’s not enough. Each material is better complemented by high-quality visual elements, which, simplified, can be divided into photo or graphic design and video.

     A holistic presentation of information with competent information and visual content will contrastingly set you apart and raise the bar for your competitors, and readers will notice your unique style. Maintaining interest and a constant flow of audience to the site will have a positive impact on the behavioral factors, but that’s not what we’re talking about today.


Where to get materials for your online resource?


1) Make it yourself or order it.

      The optimal solution is a targeted content creation for your tasks. This method allows you to present the material in a complex way and effectively solve marketing problems. You get a visual image, which is fresh and interesting, and fits perfectly to the story.
When working with contractors, pay attention to the following important points:

  • Work exclusively under contract or prepare for possible issues in the future. Authors don’t like to just give away their work even after they’ve been paid for it. The bigger your business and louder your brand, the greater the appetite of your contractors.
  • Competently define not only the terms of reference for creating content, but also obtaining the rights to the material. Remember, copyrights are not transferable, but the rights to the result of your contractor’s work should belong to you completely.
  • Determine the territory, and the channels through which you will be able to broadcast promotional materials. For a global business, it’s important to work seamlessly with external markets rather than drowning in legal battles over the uniqueness of content and authorship.
  • Make it clear that content can be shared with third parties. You create content for the business model to work effectively. You can use not only your SSM tools for promotion, but also the capabilities of your clients.
  • Permissions for the use of actor image. Pay special attention to this point when working with children. Get permission to use the child’s image from both parents. At the time the videos are made, the child’s parents may be family and doing well, but tomorrow the divorced spouses will be separately representing their joint child.
  • The uniqueness of the soundtrack. Create your own unique tunes or buy the rights to previously written compositions.


     When working on a contract, keep an eye on the contractor, stipulate all points, as they are called «on the shore.»


2) Using Stocks.

     It is not always possible, and the economic and technical ability to create something specifically for your task. You can use a variety of stocks with ready-made materials. You see at a glance what you download and in what quality. Carefully read the terms on which you can use the materials. Compliance with the rules prescribed in the conditions will protect you from claims from the authors, and allow you to work effectively with a large base of materials