Google and Yandex maps for business

Google and Yandex maps for business

     Map services from Google and Yandex not only provide comfortable navigation and quick search for the addresses we need, but also show organizations. There are no fundamental differences between the resources.


So how does the company card look like on Google Maps and Yandex Maps?


  • Company name
  • Company description and its details
  • Photos
  • Rating
  • Contact details (website, social media pages, phones)
  • Working hours.


     The importance of the presence and placement of relevant information on the map services is due to their accessibility, popularity and high level of trust in the published information.


     You should not evaluate maps only in terms of ease of navigation. For businesses, these are additional opportunities:

  • Display of your organization on the map as a result of search results. Availability of information, the ability to build a route.
  • Map users can learn more about the company by going to the site or social media pages. Additional free traffic from loyal customers.
  • Placement of information is free and is not limited in time.
  • It is not necessary to have a website to add information about the organization on online maps.
  • Ability to post an unlimited number of store branches or business units. Limitation is the actual size of your business.
  • Reviews of the company. Reliable information and prompt feedback directly to customers.
  • Address information can be used when setting up contextual advertising.


     It is necessary to monitor the reliability of the information. The functionality of cards allows you to combine text and photos and as a result colorfully present the company.


     Separately, it is worth noting the importance of monitoring feedback, which forms the rating of the company. Remember that anyone can leave reviews. Each review is worth working with, regardless of whether it is positive or contains a problem.


The algorithm of work with reviews is very simple:

  • if the feedback is positive or neutral — thank you for posting such feedback or for the evaluation.
  • If the review shows a problem, you need to deal with it. Silencing or ignoring weaknesses will not only lead to the accumulation of negative feedback and a decrease in rating and as a result of trust in the company, but also to the growth of problems within your business (poor service, defective goods, problems with infrastructure, etc.) Reviews on the cards is a great marker that allows you to get information directly from your customers.


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