CRM systems

CRM systems

Why do you need CRM systems?


     The level of competition and heightened customer expectations require companies manufacturing and supplying products to implement new quality services. Simply calling up and saying, «Got a product, take it fast!» no longer works. Competition is high in all areas and there is no outright scarcity.

     The client expects a special approach and convenience in their work. All relationships are built on personal communication, but let’s not forget about the convenience and efficiency of work. You receive bonuses for the performance of your indicators. The client is no different from you, he also has to work effectively and meet the set KPIs. And in this case, have time to receive the maximum return from the interaction with you. This is where CRM-system will help.


What is a CRM-system?


     Customer Relationship Management (CRM) — literally means «customer relationship management». CRM system allows you to organize a competent dialog with the customer. The result of this work will be an increase in requests, clear and transparent algorithm of work of the client-manager, minimization of the human factor, i.e. absence of mistakes, a greater number of the received and processed requests. The result is increase of company’s turnover and profit.


     Especially to optimize the sales department of manufacturing companies in the B2B segment, our team has developed a CRM-system «Y.E.S.». The application is designed to quickly perform routine tasks and establish convenient interaction with customers. A sales manager must deal with sales, not waste time on manual processing of orders, filling tables and reports, sending single price lists or offers. Due to the clear distribution of roles and levels of access to information, the management team sees the results of the work of their subordinates and promptly respond to the situation.


   For a detailed presentation with the disclosure of the full functionality of the system, write to us.

     The acquisition of CRM-system «Your Easy Sales» — is a successful investment in your business. Stay ahead of the competition and move to a new quality level of customer service.